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"Oh, come on!" 

I'm back baby! And with a new attitude. And this time, I'm actually giving a damn about what I upload. But, due to this, my profile is going to go through a purge. I got a lot of catching up to do while the night is still young. Apologies to Havoc, Angel, and anyone else. But I'm coming back, and I am still swinging. You don't like it? You can kiss my ass. I'm back and pumped. AND GET BACK ON MY GROUP YA PIECES OF SHIT!
  • Listening to: In The Black by Motorhead
  • Reading: This, What else would I be reading.
  • Watching: Mathew Santoro. A youtuber.
  • Playing: The rage inducing bullshit that is Bayonetta
  • Eating: Air and opportunity
Diary of a Madman
Screaming, at the window.
Watch me die, another day.
Hopeless, situation.
Endless price, I have to pay.

Sanity now is beyond me.
There's no choice!

Diary, of a madman.
Walk the line, again today.
Entries, of confusion.
Dear diary, I'm here to stay...

Manic depression befriends me,
Hear his voice!
Sanity now is beyond me.
There's no choice!

A sickened mind and spirit...
The mirror tell someone me lies.
Could I mistake myself for someone,
Who lives behind my eyes?
Will he escape my soul?
Or will he live in me?
Is he trying to get out?
Or trying to enter me?

A foamcore, there dimentional piece I did back earlier this year. Based off the above song. I'm ok now, so don't worry, this wuss back in my depression stage.

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Something I stole from :iconfallenangel191: :p

This one is for my OC Tobias. Except, that I'm going to do one for Cain, Kyrat, and Jarek. 

1) Pick and OC, get into character, and answer these questions from their POV.
2) You can add commentary, but put them in brackets.
3) No liars allowed; only truth.
4) Yes; you can do this more that once. ;3
5) Have fun!!

1. What is your real name?

Tobias Valkrim

2. What is your surname?

As above, Tobias Valkrim. I don't remember my middle name.

3. What are your three most popular nicknames?

Valkrim, or Valkrie if I do something stupid in front of Tanya.

4. What is your favorite color?


5. What is your favorite animal?

Wolves, hands down

6. What type of animal/race of human/mythical species are you?

I'm a mix of a human with an alien race called the Shadic.

7. What is your favorite song?

Surprisingly, "Redeemer Of Souls" by Judas Priest

8. What is your favorite band?

I have no single favorite.

9. What is your favorite TV station?

I'm more of a gamer. Don't really like tv.

10. What is your favorite pastime?

Video games. Easy

11. What do you want to be when you grow up?

I don't know anymore. I just wanted to basically be Wrath, but now I have a family to think about.

12. What did you want to be when you grew up when you were 4-7 years old?

I really wanted to be a hero. Well, now I am, but it isn't like in the movies.

13. Time to get more wacko and personal… are you intimidated?

What does this mean?

14. Who do you have a crush on / who are you in a relationship with?

My wife, Rachel.

15. Are you cheating?

Eh kinda. Basically, let's just say we both can have as many sexual partners as we want, as long as no pregnancies occur.

16. Have you ever cheated on someone before?

I think my previous answer made that pretty clear

17. Do you drink often?

Heheheh, maybe too often.

18. Do you smoke often?

No. I don't see a benefit from doing so.

19. What is your addiction? We know you have at least one.

Sex. And maybe bloodrage

20. What is your naughtiest / dirtiest habit?

I drink like a fish. And also, I seem to shoot first, ask questions later.

21. What's your sex life like?

*Evil chuckle* Haven't you figured it out?

22. Have you had a recurring dream before? If so, what was it about? Explain.

I have several. Most of them nightmares. They're about death, destruction. My dead family, my bastard of a mentor.

23. What was the last dream [ you can remember ] about?

I was standing on top of a hill, while numerous event happened around me. Then a war started beneath me. And more events that flashed by too fast. [My personal "video" for DragonForce's My Spirit Will Go On]

24. Tell me something that could make you smile without fail.

Oh, one of Storms lame puns. 

Storm: HEY!

25. What is your favorite thing to drink?

Mostly beer. Maybe vodka, but it knocks me on my ass too fast.

26. What is your master goal in life?

To make a universe safe for my family.

27. What is your most recent wish?

That my parents would be alive again.

28. If you could accomplish one thing for yourself or someone else, anything at all, what would it be?

Look above. To create a existence where my family, and trillions more doesn't need to worry about death and poverty.

29. Tell me something that you desire that you can't accomplish by yourself; something that someone else has to do for you.

Dealing with my emotions. I anger way to easily. 

30. What is your worst weakness?

My own damn anger.

31. What is your worst fear?

Everything I know, dying in pain and agony, while I can't do anything to stop it.

32. Name off five traits of your dream boy/girl.

I don't need to. Rachel fits that quota.

33. What is your idea of the best day ever?

The day I can safely say "No more tears."

34. Who is your best friend?

It used to be Jake. But he died. Storm now fills that void. Best swordsman ever.

35. Who is your worst enemy?

Desmond. That fucker betrayed me and all my family.

36. Describe to me your most prized possession.

My specially crafted Darkballer guns. Think highly accurate BB guns that will kill you very easily. Oh, and my family.

37. If you could make peace / friends with anyone right now, who would they be?

No-one. Not even the invading Shadics. They've took too much.

38. The president announces that the world will come to an end at midnight of the next day, and there is nothing anyone can do about it. Who would you want to spend the last day of humanity with, and what would you do?

In my universe, we can just hop ship to the next Galaxy.

39. What is the one thing you desire above all else as of today?

I've said it before. Peace.

40. The UPS man leaves a box on your door when you aren't expecting any packages. You open it to find a fancy glass bottle that resembles something between women's perfume and a wine bottle; the label reads "SHALTEIR's Love Liquid." Who do you test it on and how do you sneak it to them? ;3

I'd keep it for a rainy day, heheh.

41. Your lover / best friend is announced dead via suicide. How do you react?

Death would befall any who helped with this decision.

42. You were walking alone through your local park come 11:24pm at night when out of the blue you get tackled from behind. What is you next move?

They better have a good reason, or my blades would shred them apart.

43. You're having a movie-at-home date tonight. When you go to blockbuster, what are your top three movie options that you and your date would probably enjoy?

Any movie that seems good. We can even make Uwe Bol movies good if you know what I mean.

44. Back to reality… who are you the angriest at?

The invading Shadics. They killed one of my friends and transformed thousands

45. What was the scariest moment of your life?

In my second main adventure, Rachel was captured and I was knocked unconscious while in a fight and was captured myself. I escaped, only to learn that my pregnant wife to be was on the other side of the Known Systems. 

46. What was the best moment of your life?

When my son was born.

47. What was the worst moment of your life?

Read: Below

48. What was the saddest moment of your life?

When trying to defend a base from the Shadics, my friend Xavier was hit in the heart. The wound was fatal, and he couldn't be saved. We kept him alive for one hour where he suffered immense pain. Tanya had to kill him, or he would suffer till dawn.

49. How do you think you'll die / how did you die?

I have. Once or twice. Sadly, I'm Decay's [The "ultimate God" of my universe] favorite creation, so even if I die in my world permanently, he'll keep me around in an other world.

50. What is your "theme song" – in your opinion, a friend's opinion, or your creators?

Get ready... 

TSOT: I Stand Alone by Godsmack 
TSOT2DS: A Waiting Chamber by Unknown [Theme Of Eyelord. Also shares with Decay]
TSOT3IOS: I'm Your Boogie Man by White Zombie [A little more 'Dante' type Tobias in this story.]
TSOT4 Redemption: Killing in The Name Of... By Rage Against The Machine.
TSOT 5: In The End by Black Veil Brides
Fallen Angel's Stories: [Shared with the Heroes] Make A Move by Icon For Hire



Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Just doing this to have fun and to promote my stories on Wattpad.

If you wish to use any of my characters, lemme know, and I will tell you if you can. If you want to use a character that I haven't drawn yet, I will give you a list of my characters. I am open to free colabs, I don't make art (yet) for money.


:iconfallenangel191: :iconcontrollinghavoc:


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